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Your content is worth more!

To make great content - you need to invest in its production and in yourself!

Monetizing your creative endeavour is something that every blogger strives to do. Which platforms can we use in addition to the key ones - Instagram, YouTube and TikTok?

Let's see where and how you can earn more!

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Patreon provides creators with convenient tools to connect with fans, develop communities, and earn extra income. The site is popular among YouTube bloggers, artists, writers, podcasters, musicians, and other content creators. Patreon allows authors to receive funding directly from fans on a recurring basis or for individual pieces of content they publish. You can also collect donations from your "patrons" for a specific cause.

Minimum withdrawal amount: $100

When: 1-3 days

% platform commission: from 5% to 12% depending on the functionality you use 


The key benefit of the platform is the ability to monetize both your finished content and your work-in-progress.

Monetize your sketches, scripts, backstage recordings. This not only gives you up to 30% additional income, but also creates a synergistic effect. You can get early feedback from your audience and thus improve your content in the process. Making it even better... which means you earn even more!

There are similar opportunities as on other platforms - you can donate. You can also donate to others, if you think their work is particularly good.

Payment Terms:

Minimum withdrawal amount: $20

When: instantly

% platform commission: 10%


A convenient platform for soliciting support from your fans - with a gentle touch and streamlined process. It's as if they buy you a cup of coffee at a price you set. Buying a coffee can grant access to exclusive content, or just a compliment, or a purchase of digital merchandise. It has a widget that is easy to integrate into your website.

Payout Terms:

Minimum withdrawal amount: $20

When: 1-3 days

% platform commission: $3

4) Ko-fi.

With Ko-fi you can both receive donations from your audience (mostly one-time donations - the project is not focused on subscriptions) and sell your merch - both digital and physical. Also here you can announce that you’re accepting donations for a specific project and receive donations unlimited by any commitments.

Payout Terms:

Minimum payout amount: $35

When: 1-3 days.

% platform commission: 5%  

5) Substack

An alternative to modern media resources, a platform for independent journalists and writers. The platform gives you the opportunity not only to receive donations directly for blogging, but also reach out to readers with mailings.

Payout Terms:

Minimum payment amount: $20

When: 1-3 days.

% platform commission: 10%  

Create great content with the support of your subscribers and earn more!