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Monetize your content creation process

Generate income at every stage of content creation with the help of your engaged fans

Membership on your own terms

Offer exclusive content and experiences to your fans. You set the terms and pricing.


Rally your community to bring your creative ideas to life

Reward your most devoted helpers

Show appreciation for your most devoted fans and collaborators with special perks and shout-outs

Pay to unlock exclusive content

Create premium posts and content that your loyal fans can unlock for a price you set

Your creative process with no limits

Earn From Day One

Monetize your content from the very beginning

Stay Organized with Built-In Tools

Like Trello, Heyscribe helps creators plan and manage their projects effortlessly

Keep More of What You Earn

Heyscribe only keeps 10% of all payments

Featured in

Heyscribe - Manage and monetize your creative work-in-process | Product Hunt
Heyscribe - Manage and monetize your creative work-in-process | Product Hunt
Heyscribe - Manage and monetize your creative work-in-process | Product Hunt
Heyscribe - Manage and monetize your creative work-in-process | Product Hunt

At Heyscribe, we believe

everyone has a creative spark within them. Whether you're a seasoned creator or a passionate fan, Heyscribe empowers you to contribute to the creative process and be part of something amazing.
Egor Aizen
Founder of Heyscribe
Egor Aizen
Founder of Heyscribe

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heyscribe and how does it work?

Heyscribe stands out by combining the best features of platforms like Patreon and Trello. We enable creators to monetize their work during the creation stage, not just after publishing, and foster collaboration between creators and their audience throughout the creative process. This unique blend of monetization tools and project management features on a single platform sets Heyscribe apart from other services in the market.

How can Heyscribe benefit me as a creator?

Heyscribe provides a one-stop solution for content creators to manage their projects and monetize their work simultaneously. Our platform offers tools for planning, organizing, and tracking your creative process, while also enabling you to generate income from your content during the creation stage itself. By combining these features, Heyscribe helps you streamline your workflow, collaborate with your audience, and build a sustainable income stream as a creator.

How does Heyscribe ensure my payments are secure?

Yes, Heyscribe prioritizes the security of your payments. We have partnered with Stripe, a globally trusted payment gateway, to handle all transactions on our platform. Stripe is known for its strict compliance with the highest standards of card security. You can rest assured that your payments will be processed safely and securely through Heyscribe.

What sets Heyscribe apart from other content creation platforms?

Heyscribe differentiates itself by focusing on monetization during the content creation process, rather than solely after publishing. This means you can start earning money from your work at a much earlier stage. Additionally, Heyscribe promotes a strong sense of community and collaboration between creators and their subscribers. Our platform encourages your audience to actively participate in your creative journey, fostering deeper connections and loyalty.

How can subscribers contribute to a creator's project?

On Heyscribe, you have various ways to support the creators you love. You can contribute to their work by sharing ideas, providing constructive feedback, and participating in the creation process when the creator allows. You can also support them financially by subscribing to their content, offering donations, or funding their projects through the platform. By actively engaging with creators on Heyscribe, you play a crucial role in their success and help bring their creative visions to life.Copy