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Heyscribe: we've launched!

Heyscribe: we've launched!

Heyscribe today unveiled the first platform that enables creators to increase their income by managing and monetizing their work-in-progress. Influencers, vloggers, tik-tokers, YouTubers, podcasters, artists, bloggers, and musicians can use the platform's UI, reminiscent of Instagram, combined with management features similar to Trello. Since no platforms enable creators to manage and monetize creative work-in-progress, Heyscribe stands out as a way to increase their income.

Over 4.8 billion people utilize social media globally, with over 200 million creators. Unlike other platforms, Heyscribe functions as a social media feed, enabling authors to expand their audience through the "spillover effect" and boost audience retention by giving authors more control over their content.

“Today, creators want to be more than influencers. We are in the digital age where individuals with unique brands and online followings have become a prominent force. As the creator ecosystem continues to expand, the overall market of the creator economy is projected to double in the next five years, reaching a substantial $480 billion by 2027. Heyscribe gives creators an opportunity to create, share, earn, and to make creativity a part of their life”,  says Egor Aizen, CEO & Founder, Heyscribe.

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